Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Mothers would fight back against any danger to keep their children safe. Keeping children safe is one of the crucial responsibilities during parenting, but mothers grow an emotional bond when their child is in their womb. 

Undeniably, both mothers and fathers will jump into any danger and face the threat, but, the braveness of mothers to keep their children safe from any threat is beyond any comparison. 

Here we bring a video in which a brave woman saved her daughter from a wild raccoon that attacked her without any prior warning. 

As seen in the video, a young girl is standing near the entrance of her home. Suddenly, a raccoon sneaked in and gripped the girl’s leg. The girl starts screaming aloud fearing a threat from the wild animal. She tries to loosen the grip of the raccoon by shaking her leg, but all in vain. 

As it seems from the video, the raccoon was trying to bite the girl. 

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother steps to her rescue and immediately picked up the raccoon by holding it by its back. The brave woman pushes her daughter inside the house while holding the raccoon in her other hand. 

In the meantime, the raccoon gripped the woman’s hand with its claws. She tries to throw the raccoon far away, but couldn’t on her first attempt. But, in her second attempt, she successfully throws it away and stepped inside the house. 

The video shared by Bahar Ke Kalesh on Twitter has garnered over 3 million views with hundreds of likes. Meanwhile, netizens have showered praises for the mom, who didn’t give a second thought and jumped in to rescue her daughter.

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