Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Royal Bengal Tigers are among the fierce hunters in the forest. Escaping from their sharp jaws is almost impossible for their prey. 

The tigers share the wild habitat with several other wild animals including other big cats, including leopards .

Though Royal Bengal tigers and leopards belong to the cat family, tigers are much more powerful than leopards. One can find several videos in which tigers hunt down leopards. Though it is not frequent, to satisfy their hunger, tigers kill leopards as well as other carnivore animals.

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Do you know how leopards survive in a tiger-dominated area? Here we bring a video that will certainly clear your doubts. 

As seen in the video, an adult Royal Bengal tiger is all set to take a leap. It cautiously is focused on something and suddenly sprints ahead. It runs near a tree and at the same time, a leopard is seen climbing the tree. 

Tigers can also climb trees, but up to a certain height because of their bulky body. However, leopards are slender and are good tree climbers. Moreover, leopards are faster than tigers. They can easily leave tigers behind.

This is one of the best ways how leopards survive in a tiger-dominated region. 

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Sharing the video on Twitter, Indian Forest Services (IFS) official Susanta Nanda captioned it: That is how leopards survive in a tiger-dominated landscape. Tigers can easily climb trees, with their sharp and retractable claws providing a powerful grip to hold the tree trunk and climb up. But as they grow old their body weight prevents them to do so. Stay slim to survive.

The video shared over a month back has been viewed over 169K times with netizens sharing their opinion.