Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Tiger's name and its roar are enough to stream fear among all living beings. Tigers are generally thought of as violent and cruel carnivores . Be it in a forest or at any zoo, tiger cubs are nursed by their mothers. But, there are certain instances when tiger cubs are abandoned or get orphaned.

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Generally, experienced humans are appointed to look after such young cubs. But, it is certainly surprising to know that a dog fostered and breastfed three tiger cubs. It is more astounding to establish the bond between a dog and a tiger. Here we bring a video that shows the amazing journey of a dog and tiger cubs from young to adulthood.

In the video, a white female Labrador is seen nursing three tiger cubs just like their mother. The doggo looks calm and enjoying its fostering. 

The next video shows three adult Royal Bengal tigers in an enclosure with a Golden Retriever. One of the tiger walks closer to the canine and rubs its body. Later, the video also shows the golden retriever biting a tiger’s ear. A lion can also be seen sitting near them but it prefers to stay away from the tiger and dog. 

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However, when the lion makes some movement, the tiger turns back and attacks the lion. Surprisingly, the dog tries to hold the tiger back. Later in the video, a tiger is seen licking the golden retriever affectionately. 

The video shared on Twitter by J Tomas has been viewed over 29K. The video has gone viral with netizens retweeting the video massively. Certainly, the video showing the lovely and affectionate bond between the tigers and the dog has won the hearts of the viewers.