Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Several wild animals have gone extinct while many others are endangered over the years owing to unabated hunting, the growth of the human population, pollution, declining forests and infrastructure development.  Though Royal Bengal Tigers are listed among the most endangered wild cats, they are still found in the wild today.

Thanks to the initiatives undertaken by the government to preserve the big cats and ensure their safety. However, despite different measures, Royal Bengal Tigers still are under threat in the wild due to poaching and unsafe passage within the reserves. Several such incidents of speeding vehicles running over or hitting wild animals get reported frequently.

Here we bring a video that shows a troubled Royal Bengal Tiger while crossing a road. 

As seen in the video, the big cat approaches a busy road with two trucks plying. As it seems, the road is close to a tiger reserve and work for road expansion is in progress. 

The wild cat waits for the passing of the trucks. As soon as the trucks cross, it hurries to the other side of the road and vanishes into the forest. 

The video shared on Twitter by Susanta Nanda, IFS (Indian Forest Service) officer triggered concerns among netizens. As informed by Parveen Kaswan (IFS), a connecting bridge for wildlife is being constructed at the place for ensuring their safe passage.

Meanwhile, another video has surfaced with a similar instance. However, the driver was compassionate enough to halt and let a tiger and its four cubs cross the road in the darkness of night. The video is from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra. The video was shared by Sumit Pakalwar (IFS).