Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Dogs are one of the most popular and lovable pets. Dogs offer unconditional love and emotional support and become a part of daily life. Pet canines influence the emotional and social lives of their owners. But, keeping a tiger as a pet may not be a good choice as they are big, strong, and fanged predators.

Though petting a tiger is illegal in some countries, it is permissible in others. How would you react when you enter someone’s house and find a tiger at the entrance?

It would certainly scare the hell out of you, won't it?

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However, here we bring a video that shows an amazing friendship bonding between a tiger and a dog. 

As seen in the video, an adult tiger is on an adult Rottweiler. The tiger is licking the dog, biting it out of affection. Though the dog is trying to get free from beneath, it is also enjoying the cuddles of the big cat. 

Both the tiger and dog seem to be pets as the big cat has a thick leash on its neck while the Rottweiler has a collar. While both the animals are busy playing in a garden, their unusual friendship has terrified the netizens. 

The video shared on Instagram by guard_dogs_nation has been liked over 299K times so far. 

Though many have showered love for the duo, they have also expressed their concerns for the safety of the dog.

“I love tigers, but I’m not letting my dog near one. The risk, even if supposedly low, is not worth it,” wrote one user.

“Love the relationship but I jus can’t trust it,” wrote another.

“You should have more respect for dogs than to post something like this in my opinion. That poor dog is not in control here, and the humans that allow this clearly need to have their heads examined,” wrote a third user.

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Look how gently the tiger plays with the rottie as to not hurt him/her. Guess the people in the comments are more hurt.”