Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Exchanging 'jaimala/varmala' stands as a fascinating ceremony in Indian weddings that symbolizes the union of two souls. This ritual has been in practice since ancient times. Usually, the bride puts the varmala (Garland) around the groom first and then the groom puts the jaimala on the bride. This ritual marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The significance of this ritual is that the groom and bride accept each other and have agreed to remain together for their whole life.

In this social media age, videos of wedding ceremonies are flooding different platforms. While some videos are romantic and heart-winning others can leave netizens fumed or rolling on the floors, laughing.

Here we bring a video, that shows a funny instance from an Indian wedding. 

In the video, a groom and a bride can be seen standing on the wedding stage, while some relatives can be seen standing close to them.

As it appears, the bride has already put the Garland around her husband-to-be's neck and posing for photos. Next, it was the groom's turn. However, relatives of the bride lifted her up in the air so that the groom would not be able to reach the bride easily.

Surprisingly, the groom steps on the wedding throne and tries to reach the bride. But, the bride's relatives step back increasing the distance from the groom.

However, the groom doesn't seem to be accepting defeat and he jumps off instantly from the throne. He puts the garland around the bride's neck successfully. But, as the groom jumps on them, the relatives along with the bride lose their balance and fall on the stage. While the bride breaks out into laughter, the groom seems to be proud of the achievement.

Though the source of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on X by Sarita Sarawag. The video has gone viral on social media tickling the funny bones of the netizens. While the wedding clip has garnered massive views and likes, netizens have flooded the comment section with hilarious statements.

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