Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Several cities in India are currently experiencing extreme heat wave conditions. During this time, people often find it hard to cool off even after bathing at home. To seek relief, they head to rivers, dams, and canals to enjoy the refreshing water.

Recently, a video went viral on social media, showcasing how people in India enjoy bathing in dams. The video depicted individuals running and jumping into the water from the dam wall, one after another, despite the strong current.

They lined up like a train, eagerly awaiting their turn to plunge into the water, creating a joyful atmosphere. The video captured the sheer delight of children bathing in this scenic spot.

This delightful bathing spot is located at Tk Colony, around 22 km from Nilambur in the Malappuram district of Kerala.

The video, posted on Instagram by a user named 'Fitvid HD', garnered humorous reactions from viewers. 

One user jokingly commented, "Le moot diya tere ₹1000 ke water park ka ticket par 😂,' while another reminisced, 'Bachpan yaad aa gaya ❤️❤️."

Yet another user expressed, "Childhood memories with the game 😢❤️😍❤️," while another commented, "Jiske Ghar ka paas ye jagah hogi ...wo kitna maza kar raha hoga 🥲."

A netizen commented, "Temple Run in real life 😂," while another user said, "Far better than a water park 🫶." Yet another commented, "Pahale se itni garmi hai aur tu ye reel bhej ke aur jala raha hai 😢😢😂."