Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Companies are currently conducting employee appraisals, and employees are eagerly awaiting news of salary increments. Amid this, a video recently went viral on social media offering tips on how to secure a salary hike quickly.

In the video, viewers are instructed to take an intact bay leaf and inscribe their desired new salary along with their full name on it. 

Then, they are advised to hold it in their left hand, covering it with their right while meditating and visualising the desired outcome, such as receiving the news from their manager or getting an email notification about the salary increase.

After this ritual, they are told to keep the bay leaf in their purse along with some cash, being careful not to break it. 

The video's creator, Aanchal Kumaar, claims that after repeating this process for 21 days, one may receive positive news regarding their salary.

The video has gained significant attention, with over 3.6 million views and numerous likes. Many viewers have left humorous comments expressing their amusement.

For instance, one user commented, "Salary milne ke baad main tez patta pulav mein use kar sakti hoon?" and a second user commented, "Then why don't you write 4-5 CR salary and keep it? 😂😂" while a third user commented, "If I write a lower salary and put it in my Manager's purse, will it work?"

Another user commented, "Purse hi chori ho gaya 😔". A fifth user commented, "Maine new salary amount likha to bay leaf bhi sharma jayegi 😂" while a sixth user commented, "In hand likhe ya CTC 😂😂."

Another wrote, "12 CR annual salary likh ke dal di hai... Jyada lalach nahi kiya, lalach karna buri baat hai 😂"

The comments reflect a mix of skepticism, amusement, and playful banter surrounding the viral video.