Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Many students from middle-class families work hard to secure good job opportunities for their future. During their student years, they often take up internships to earn some extra money.

Recently, a middle-class student from Delhi University fulfilled his dream of buying an iPhone with his hard-earned internship money.

He proudly shared a photo of his new iPhone on social media, expressing his excitement and gratitude.

On his social media handle, X, he wrote, 'Finally purchased an iPhone with my INTERNSHIP money... Dreams come true for middle-class boys 🤩✌🏻 @Apple 🙂,' and shared a selfie along with a photo of the iPhone. 

The post has gone viral, garnering 684.9k views so far. However, instead of receiving congratulations, he got advice from netizens in the comments section.

One user commented, "Depreciating asset. You should have rather invested in mutual funds, FD, SIP." Another user jokingly commented, "Refurbished.🤡"

Meanwhile, a different user congratulated him saying, "Congratulations! Hope all your dreams come true." Yet another user brought up a potential downside, saying, "Ab ek bad news du? 4 mahine me naya model aaega 16 aur ye vale ki koi value nai rahegi 💀."

On a positive note, someone else shared in the celebratory mood, writing, "Congratulations bro! 🎉 I can feel the happiness."

However, not everyone was entirely supportive, with another user expressing reluctance, "Nhi Lena chahiye tha 🙄." 

One user outlined their personal preference, stating, "I'll never buy an iPhone; instead, I'll save and go for a long trip as I usually do. Aaj kal har ek jhatu par hai iPhone."

There was also a humorous take on social status, as a user commented, "Now u r no longer a middle-class boy. U r an upper-class boy with an iPhone that girls are attracted to. 😅" 

Lastly, a user shared a perspective on financial prudence, saying, "Bhai, Hum middle class hai, 100 baare sochenge ye kharidne se pehele, but congrats."

Amidst the mixed reactions, his joyous moment was overshadowed by the unexpected negativity.