Poonam Singh

Humans take little things for granted, like closing taps when water isn’t used. Imagine the water wasted if everyone in the country left taps open for even a few seconds. While humans often ignore these small details, animals seem to have better senses. A viral video shows a monkey drinking water from a tap and then closing it once it's done.

The video, posted by Twitter user @AMAZlNGNATURE, quickly went viral, with the monkey displaying civilised behaviour and an exceptional awareness of its surroundings.

The monkey closes the tap off right after quenching its thirst, demonstrating a basic behaviour we learn during our formative years. Yet, most humans fail to do it, showing little consideration for how much water we’re wasting. 

Twitter is buzzing with the irony of the situation. The monkey's simple act serves as a reminder of how we overlook such basic responsibilities, highlighting the need for greater awareness and care in our daily habits.

One User wrote, “They never waste water and we humans, we will waste it all the time. Many people drink just a sip and throw away the full water bottle. People waste so much water more than needed while taking baths. People waste so much water on cleaning vehicles.”

Another user commented, “Wow, wonderful of him to have turned off the tap.”

A third user wrote, “They are more cultured!”