Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Digital creators captivate audiences with their unique charm on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Recently, a creator named Suchorita Roy gained attention with her cooking video featuring 'Dal chawal and allu', which quickly went viral.

In the video, Roy, dressed in a floral embroidered blue saree and white blouse, exudes confidence and allure. 

With playful poses and engaging expressions, she prepares the meal, starting with cutting onions, washing the pressure cooker, and cooking the dal. Each step is accompanied by her charming presence and enthusiasm.

The video, accompanied by the caption, "Hey! What do you wanna have for dinner?!😉 Pov: I am your GF cooking you food 😋🤣", and set to the song "ishQ Bector" by Sunidhi Chauhan, has garnered over 2 million views, 79.5k likes, and numerous comments.

Comments on the video range from admiration for her expressions to playful banter, as one user commented on the video, “Cooking 1%📉 Expressions 99% 📈,” another user remarked, “Wifey material ❌ Crazy Maid ✅.”

Another comment read, “She's cutely murdering the vegetables ❤️🍲,” while someone else wrote, “Average Indian aunties 🙌.” 

A fifth user humorously noted, “She's imitating, like that one other girl 😂… Did I just notice it or y'all don't know her…” Another user commented, “New bhabhi unlocked 🔓” and added, “Viyah ho gya hai tmra??”

Overall, the video has sparked lively engagement and discussion among viewers.