Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty and have ingrained themselves into human society as beloved companions. Dogs develop a bond with humans on mutual trust, understanding and affection, and often become cherished members of the family. They offer unconditional love, companionship, and emotional support. In this internet age, social media is flooded with videos and photos of dogs. Proud pet owners share cute short videos of their canine friends, that receive immense love online.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows the love of pet parents for their furry babies. The bond between the doggo couple and their pet parents will certainly win your hearts. The clip shows the journey of a canine couple from their baby shower in Indian style to embracing parenthood.

In the video, a doggo couple is seen sitting close to each other with garlands around their necks and a board is kept close to them with a note written, "We have a Good News."

The next shot shows the doggo couple with two boards. While in one board it is written, "Puppies coming soon." On the other board it is written, "And it's my fault." As it seems, the first board is kept near the female dog and the second board is kept near the male dog. 

The next visuals show the female dog getting wrapped in a red dupatta. Even a girl can be seen putting a 'bindi' on the dog's forehead. The video shows the baby shower rituals of the expecting mother. 

The next visuals show the female dog sitting with a board. The text on it reads, "I am ready."

Next, the clip shows a litter of puppies and their mother feeding them. Moreover, the pet parents can be seen preserving the footprints of the cute little puppies on paper. The dog family along with their human family can be seen having a gala time as they grow.

Well, the video captures the journey of the dog couple from welcoming their babies and growing together.

The video shared on Instagram by rosy_remo_raha_the_retriever has gone viral on social media winning the hearts of netizens. The caption for the post reads, "The journey of our dream..."

While the video has garnered massive views, netizens have immensely liked it. The comments section is flooded with appreciation and love for the proud pet owners as well as the doggo family.