Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cruel hunters and poachers threaten wildlife . Several animals from the wild have gone extinct while some others are on the verge of it. However, there are some people with kind hearts, who put themselves in danger and do everything to save the life of wild animals. 

Here we bring a video of a brave girl who stepped into danger to free a snow leopard that was trapped in a restraining trap.

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As seen in the video, a snow leopard is caught in a leg-hold trap, probably placed by a poacher. However, the brave girl approaches the wild animal holding a board while the wild cat jumps into attacking mode. While the board prevented the animal from attacking, it had an opening at the downside. 

The girl smartly put the board’s opening on the leopard’s leg so that its leg along with the trap remained on one side and the animal remained on the other side. 

Then the girl bends down to unlock the leg-hold trap. It is unpredictable and the injured wild cat could have attacked the girl, but with her smartness and bravery, she unlocked the trap and freed the cat from the pain. 

The snow leopard stood still after getting freed from the trap and the girl shielding herself with the board stepped back. After the girl was gone, the wild cat moved a bit ahead and sat down. 

The video is shared on Twitter by Video Dünyası with a caption reading, “İnsanlık yaratılmış herşeye sevgi ve merhamet duymaktır.Güzel yürekli insanlardan hayvanlara yardım görüntüleri,” which means “Humanity is to have love and compassion for everything created. Images of helping animals from people with good hearts.”

The video has been viewed over one million times and netizens have showered love on the brave girl.