Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Hulk, the green skin, bulky and muscular humanoid possessing limitless physical strength is one of the favourite superheroes of Marvel Comics. This member of MCU’s Avengers stuns his opponents with his strength and physique. This fictional character has a wide fan base across the world including India.

But, did you ever wonder if Hulk had a pet bull, how would it look?

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that shows a big black bull walking fearlessly down a street in India.

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One can find several videos and reports of large bulls with the monstrous physique. A specific cattle breed with a genetic mutation looks enormous. The mutation causes the muscles to double.

Of course, such bulls will surprise anyone with their monstrous look.

However, this male bovine captured in India seems to be from some other world. As the bull walks on the street, people watch it anxiously being on the roadside. Even people captured it on their mobile cameras. The size and muscular build of the bull will surprise anyone.

The video shared on Twitter by Graphite Czech has now gone viral on social media with several users sharing it massively. Even the video has invited interesting and hilarious comments from netizens. 

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One user wrote, “There is absolutely no way this is real - did he come from the nether realm? Has he come to claim our souls?” (sic)

Another wrote, “That’s an UFO.” (sic)

“Whose gonna stop it haha not me whahaha,” wrote a third user. (sic)

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