Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Social media is filled with millions of videos. Content creators from all age groups starting from kids to elderly people are making content for audiences.

There are people with millions of followers online, but a new talent has emerged online and is winning hearts.

A young girl has been standing out among all the influencers with her awesome content on Instagram.

Her name is Shravani Sharma, and she shares a lot of videos on her account that have taken the internet by storm with her funny talks and contagious laughter.

Despite having only 41K followers, Shravani's videos attract millions of views due to her entertaining content. Many creators have turned her cute talks into musical versions, further increasing her popularity.

One of her recent viral videos features her amusing conversation with followers, where she playfully says, "What happened, are you angry? Say 'pencil'" This video garnered 15.5 million views.

Another popular video shows her talking about her birthday, which received 23.9 million views.

Notably, some creators have added musical elements to her videos, like the one where she says, "Today is Sunday" and the "I'm angry" video. These have also gone viral on social media.

As Shravani's videos gain popularity, netizens are reacting with admiration.  Comments like "So cute ❤️" and "Cutest kid on Instagram 😭" flood her videos, with users expressing their love for her adorable personality. 

She receives numerous comments praising her cuteness, charm, and endearing nature.