Cassian Baliarsingh

These days, everyone is glued to their mobile phones and the internet. Watching reels, playing games and scrolling through social media platforms are the only thing everyone is busy doing. Even kids are not behind adults in mobile phone use.

Despite serious side effects of sleep deprivation and mood swings, children continue to spend more time on their phone. Meanwhile, a story of a couple’s epic failure to end their daughter’s phone addiction has left netizens in splits. In a bid to keep her busy, the couple bought her a pet dog so that she would keep away her phone and play with the puppy.

However, things went hilariously wrong when the dog also got addicted to the phone and the two began sharing their screen time. Now, a video of the two lying on the floor and watching something on a mobile phone is amusing the internet.

The caption says, “They got her a dog, thinking it would help her give up the internet. Now both are addicted ..🐕🐾👧📱😅” The hilarious video since being shared online has gone crazy viral with bone-tickling comments from other social media users.

“Lol… looks like the dog just found a new best fren... with endless pawsome content…! 😅💖🐶,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Please give the children a real childhood experience without too much screens. If they don’t learn to enjoy real life as children, will they ever?”

“They should enjoy the beauty of nature instead of being addicted to the Internet together lol😂,” commented another fan.