Soumya Prakash Pradhan

As the heat wave sweeps across the country, people are trying everything to stay cool. Local markets are filled with air conditioners and coolers, and consumers are looking for the best deals they can afford.

Amidst all this, a funny incident has popped up on social media. A man, struggling to stay cool while sleeping, has resorted to an unusual solution.

His cooler was not cutting it, so he opened the door of his fridge and positioned it behind the cooler.

In the viral video, that is making the rounds on social media, you can see the fridge door wide open with the cooler in front of it drawing in the cold air, providing some relief to the man who is seen sleeping nearby.

The video was shared on the 'X' platform with the caption "How to use your refrigerator as an air conditioner," and it has quickly gone viral on social media.

Many users have reacted to it. One commented, "According to the laws of physics, this actually heats up the room instead of cooling it."

Another joked, "The fridge will break down, buddy." Someone else mentioned, "I first saw this in Mr. Bean: The Animated Series."

And another person commented, "Only in India do you see such resourceful solutions."