Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Birth and death are two undeniable truths of our lives. Like birth, death is the ultimate uncertainty, looming over life with its enigmatic presence, shrouded in mystery and unanswered questions. Death arrives without any warning stealing into our lives unannounced. It's a reminder that despite our attempts to control and predict, there are aspects of existence that remain beyond our comprehension and grasp. Even though death is unpredictable, some lucky people narrowly escape certain death. Luckily, some of these moments get captured on camera.
Here we bring a video compilation that shows the luckiest people on the earth, who escaped certain death. The clips will certainly send chills down your spine.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media that includes numerous clips showing the luckiest people escaping certain deaths. The clips are purportedly from all over the world.

The first clip shows a speeding biker escaping in between a truck and car. However, to save the biker, the car hits the truck. In the next clip, a man can be seen sitting carefree on a truck. Meanwhile, a car hits the truck from behind as a result the man falls back. In the next clip, a group of persons are seen sitting on chairs. Suddenly, the floor caves in while a man is sitting close to the spot. Luckily, the man manages to avoid falling into the pit.

Another clip shows a man enjoying his food at a roadside stall while a car barges in suddenly. There are more clips of people escaping lightning, fire, trucks, cars and even an aeroplane.

Watch the video below:

While the series of video clips might tickle your funny bones as the lucky escapes and mishaps are hilarious, it will also send chills down your spine. 

While the source of the clips couldn't be obtained, the video compilation is shared on X by Kombucu. The video has been viewed over 402K times and has been liked over 3K times. Even the comments section is flooded with mixed reactions of netizens.