Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In this modern era, people have witnessed tremendous advancements. Humans are exploring life on other planets. However, amid the progressions, the dowry system in India still prevails. Even today, grooms or their families demand dowry from the bride ’s family. Failing to give dowry as demanded, several marriages are called off. Several such news get frequently reported from different corners of India.

Dowry is a social evil that results in unimaginable tortures and crimes towards women, and history is evident. Earlier, several such incidents went unreported. But, in the age of the internet, such incidents go viral on social media in no time. 

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Here we bring one such video that shows a groom cornered and detained by the bride’s family after he demanded a bike in dowry. 

As seen in the video, an annoyed youth is seen yelling at the groom who is sitting on a chair surrounded by several others. 

The annoyed youth says, “Go and call your father. Don’t stage any drama here.”

To this, the groom says, “What will my father do? It is me who will marry.”


The next visuals show the groom getting dragged by the annoyed youth. The youth is heard yelling, “This marriage will not happen.”

Forcing the groom to sit on a chair, the youth continues, “Are you saying if you won’t get dowry, you won’t marry!”

“We have given you everything. We have given you a fridge, almirah, and sofa set, what else do you want?” the youth says.

However, the groom goes on to say, “All these things are not of my interest. You are giving these to your sister. I need a bike.”

Bride’s family members also warn the groom to file a case against him and his father. 

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Further, the bride’s family members are also heard saying that the bride is more educated than the groom. However, the groom seems to be adamant about his demand for a bike.

The video shared by Ghar Ke Kalesh has been viewed over 27K times and has also triggered comments from netizens. While some went on to express their anger for the groom and his dowry demands, some others criticised him.