Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Smoking causes several health hazards and smoking ganja or cannabis triggers more serious health issues as it is a psychoactive drug that affects the brain. Though the cannabis plant is used as a drug in various traditional medicines since centuries, addiction to marijuana can cause permanent psychological disorders.

These days, youngsters are mostly found addicted to smoking ganja. Of course, youngsters smoke without the knowledge of their parents. It is quite obvious how Indian parents would react when they find their son/daughter smoking ganja .

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Recently, an old video resurfaced on social media that shows a boy tied to an electric pole and crying aloud. A woman is also seen tussling with the boy holding something in her hand. As it seems, the woman was trying to put something on the boy’s face and was being resisted. 

The woman calls out for help and a girl approaches the boy. She holds his hands while the woman applies ‘chilli powder’ to his face and eyes. The boy continues to cry aloud, but, the woman and the girl don't show any mercy.

As claimed, the incident took place in Telangana’s Kodad. The woman came up with a unique treatment after she found her 15-year-old son was becoming a ganja addict. She tied him to the pole and rubbed chilli powder on his eyes. She didn’t free him until he promised to quit. 

The video originally shared on Twitter (April 4, 2022) by Krishnamurthy has garnered over 434K views and has been reshared by many. Even the video has triggered comments from netizens. While some have come in support of the concerned mother, others have expressed worries over the growing addiction to psychoactive drugs among youths.

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