Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Youths tend to develop smoking addiction when in their teens. Youths in their late teens become sensitive to nicotine’s addictive effects as their brains still are in the developing stage. While smoking from a young age can trigger several health issues, Indian mothers are quite protective towards their children to keep them away from such addictions.

Even, there are instances of Indian moms turning aggressive after finding out such bad habits developed by their children. Recently, an old video resurfaced on social media in which an Indian mom catches her son red-handed while smoking . The video will certainly tickle your funny bones.

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As seen in the video, a boy probably in his late teens is holding a burning matchstick and a cigarette in his mouth. While turning on his video recording mode on his mobile, he is looking towards the door of his room.

As soon as he lights the cigarette, his mother enters the room with a broom in her hands. 

She annoyingly asks, “What are you doing?”

Though the boy throws the cigarette away, his mother has already detected it. 

She starts hitting him with her hands and then the broom. The annoyed Indian mother continues hitting the boy aggressively with the broom and commands her to leave the room. 

However, the woman in aggression drops her broom and continues hitting him furiously while yelling.

The video reshared on Twitter by Pagan Hindu has now been viewed over 46K times. As claimed, the boy is a young YouTuber demonstrating ‘how to smoke a cigarette at home.’

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