Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Recently, a video surfaced on social media in which a girl was seen smoking while standing near the toilet of a bogie . The video shared by Parmanand kumar Saw took the internet by storm. And now, a girl’s picture has surfaced on Twitter in which she is seen smoking while sitting near the entrance of the bogie.

The picture shared by CJ Bhau shows the girl sitting near the entrance while resting her back on the gate. The girl has put on a black hoodie, black slacks and a sneaker.

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The caption of the post read: “Saw this woman smoking by the train gate, and felt disgusted and disappointed with these so-called modern women. Where are we heading with this? Pity.”

Meanwhile, several users lashed out at CJ Bhau for sharing the girl’s picture publicly without her consent. 

Check some of the quote tweets for the post: 

A Twitterati wrote, “Keeping aside her smoking habits, who actually permitted you to take the photo? And who are you to judge her?”

“Just randomly taking pictures without consent and judging them with a cool social media name,” wrote another user.

A third user wrote, “Woh sab to thik hai. But who gave u the authority to click photos of random people in a train ?”

“Hey @TwitterIndia, here is a guy sharing pic of a woman without her consent just to satisfy his male ego ,I hope u suspend this account,” wrote another user.

Well, several other users also expressed concerns about such growing activities as smoking in public places or public transport services is a punishable offence which can attract penalties. 

“That is tragic, not the empowerment we need, where is society heading. The West has fallen,” wrote one user while another asked, “Isn't smoking in public transport illegal?”

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