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It is quite normal to witness fights while travelling on a train. While some passengers pick fights for seats or luggage, a few others clash over misbehaviour or misunderstanding. However, have you ever witnessed people clashing over language?

While the Centre’s proposed move to make Hindi as the common language across India triggered mixed responses, recently, a video has surfaced on the internet in which several youths were reportedly abused and assaulted for 'speaking' Hindi during their travel on a train.

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As seen in the video, a train bogie is crowded with people. A man wearing a yellow shirt calls a youth from behind by patting his shoulder. 

From the background, someone is heard shouting, “Hindi, Hindi,” along with some other south Indian language. 

Suddenly, the man in the yellow shirt holds the youth’s shirt and drags him back. Next, he attacks another boy in a white shirt and punches him after pulling him by his hair. As it seems, he also abuses the youths in his regional language and forces them to leave the place. 

After continuous abuse, the rowdy man got hold of another youth in a black dress and started hitting him. Though another person tries to stop him, he seems to be in no mood to listen and again starts thrashing the youth. 

Interrupted by another man, the unruly man finally gets diverted and picks up a brawl with him. Meanwhile, the youth in the black dress escaped from the spot to a safer place. But, the man started searching for him in the bogie.

Though the original source of the video is unknown, the video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has been viewed over 1 million times. It has also triggered netizens to share some similar experiences in south Indian states.

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