Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lawyers sometimes lose their cool while arguing in the courtrooms. Even in real life, many of us must have encountered rowdy lawyers who created chaos in public places. 

The sole responsibility of lawyers is to protect the law of the land and ensure that justice is served to the innocent. However, some lawyers misuse their powers and show dominance with their legal knowledge. 

Here we bring such a video that shows Dabangiri of a lawyer to a co-passenger while travelling in a local train. 

As seen in the video, a girl is sitting on a seat with a male friend but had put her legs on the seat in front of her. When the person capturing the video asks her to remove her legs, she warns the person not to capture a photo or video. 

The girl also went on to say, “If you want, click photo of my shoes, but don’t dare to click photo of my face.”

Again the person asks her to remove her legs but her male friend steps forward and warns the person that he can’t take the photo. 
Instantly, the girl says, “Yeah we are lawyers.”

Even, both the girl and boy confirm that they are lawyers when asked by the person for confirmation. 

The person capturing the video continues, “Is this the way you are supposed to sit,” to which the girl replies, “Yeah, we can. Who are you?”

Later, the male friend of the girl went on to say, “Is this the way you are talking to me.” 

While the duo continues the argument, the girl removes her legs and walks towards the man to snatch his mobile phone.

The video triggered comments from users lashing out at the boy and girl over their behaviour.

One user wrote, "But if the train wasn't crowded and there are enough seats i don't see there is any problem with sitting like that."

Another wrote, "The guy seems a bit reluctant but he's forced to play macho in front of her!"

"dont just listen to her words when she says "we r lawyers",see the gesture also. they are lawyers so they have right to do anything and can escape by saying we are lawyers," wrote a third user.

"Extremely rude & unacceptable behaviour. That being said, it is quite an empty looking coach & as far as I can tell, there is no law in the IR prohibiting passengers from putting their feet up when other bench is vacant. Morally may be incorrect, but not a law broken," wrote another.