Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Almost all train passengers have good/bad experiences during travel. But, have you ever encountered any such incident that has left you shocked? Picking up fights or being robbed during train travel is nothing new. But, when any incident becomes life-threatening, it will indeed, leave you shaken.

Here we bring a video in which a woman passenger is robbed and the incident put her life in danger. The video shared on NCIB Headquarters’ official Twitter page also carries a safety message for all train passengers.

It is a habit of every passenger to leave their seats and walk towards the door before the train stops or arrives near the platform. 

As seen in the video, the woman with the same habit is seen standing near the door along with some other co-passengers. 

Everything seems to be normal at first. However, when the train slows down, a youth with a yellow cap is seen climbing on the coach of the running train. 

Surprisingly, the youth grabbed the purse of the woman and pulled it towards the exterior vehemently. Certainly, the woman was not aware of the sudden attack and was unaware of the consequences. While she held her purse strongly, she was dragged along with it. 

Luckily, her nearby co-passengers grabbed the woman’s hand from behind. While the robber was pulling the bag and the woman, the co-passenger pulled her from behind. After some moments, the robber successfully snatched the bag from the woman and fled from the spot.

The presence of mind and quick action of the co-passengers saved the woman from falling from a running train. 

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV installed on the train. The video has by now garnered over 147.7 K and numerous netizens have shared their opinions and experiences in the comment box.

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