Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

People travelling in local trains on regular basis certainly encounter various violent and funny incidents. Travelling in local trains sometimes becomes a headache for passengers over the chaos created by co-passengers. While some pickup fights over harassment or anything else, others fight for seats.

Have you ever travelled in local trains? Have you ever witnessed any violent fights between passengers, especially women or girls?

Here we bring a video in which a few women and girls locked horns following a heated argument over seats in a local train. Later, they picked up a fierce fight.  

As seen in the video, two women have locked horns with two other girls. Four of them are arguing while hitting each other. 

Even they are seen pulling each other’s hair. However, the number of girls seems to be more than the number of women and they finally win the fight.

Meanwhile, all the other woman passengers are yelling after the chaos in the coach.

Watch the video below:

The video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has garnered over 13K views by now and it has triggered hilarious comments. Many went on to say that they experienced such scenarios in their childhood days while travelling with their mothers in ladies' coach.