Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The sensation of love sparks emotional sentiments, excitement, and intensity. Apart from emotional bonding, lovebirds vow to remain together forever in their life. However, several reasons come in between the relationships that prevent them from uniting. One such reason is inter-caste marriage.

In India, several lovebirds opt to end their lives after failing to unite following the denial of their parents over inter-caste restrictions. In other cases, without any other option, many go with the decision of their parents or prefer to be single forever.

How long can you wait for your love to unite with him/her and spend the rest of your life?

Here we bring the story of a girl, who waited for 22 years to get married after her parents didn’t allow her to tie the knot with the man she loves as he was from another caste.

Sonia waited for 22 years to unite with the love of her life . Finally, her family gave permission for their inter-caste marriage. 

Though more details related to the heart-warming love story couldn’t be obtained, a video of Sonia recently surfaced on social media. The video shows Sonia in her bridal get up and as claimed by the user, she was readying for her wedding reception. 

Netizens are in awe of the love story and have showered good wishes, love, and blessings for Sonia and her man. 

One user wrote, “It gave me goosebumps they both waited so long to make it happen…. Salute to your loyalty and dedication.. stay blessed always.”

Another wrote, “The fact that they didn't elope or choosed one between love and family. But waited for their families to accept. Their patience and love, huge huge respect.”

“Not only the women it's about the men also that he waited for her 22 year's that's called loyalty,” wrote a third user.

The video shared on Instagram by a user going by the name looksbymanishkachru has amassed over 6 million likes and has gone viral on social media.