Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fights on flights and unruly behaviours of air passengers and employees of airlines have become quite frequent these days. Videos of such fights recently went viral on different social media platforms raising concerns among the passengers regarding their safety. 

Recently, another video of an incident that took place inside a flight went viral. But, this time it is not about any fight. Rather, the video is all about love and the incident filled love in the air. 

A video has stormed the internet in which a man can be seen getting down on his knees and proposing to a girl. 

As seen in the video, a man with a mask on his face and a card in his hands walks near a seat in an Air India flight. The card had some photographs which he was showing to a girl sitting on a window seat.

Next, the man removed his mask and the girl is surprised after seeing him. 

She steps out of her seat trying to cover her excitement with her hands. Meanwhile, the man goes down on his knees and proposes her with a ring. The duo hugs each other after the girl says ‘Yes.’

Other co-passengers clapped and cheered.

As per reports, the incident took place on January 2. The girl was travelling from London to Mumbai via Hyderabad. As informed by Air India officials, a friend of the man, who proposed the girl, knew one of the crew members of Air India. 

So, accordingly everything was planned as the man wanted to surprise his would-be fiancee. He booked ticket on the same flight without the knowledge of the girl so that he could propose to her in a romantic way. 

As the Air India official informed, nothing was required from Air India but only to allow him to propose. "I just liaise with the crew. Our CC Jayesh Shirpurkar and Grita Tawde made it happen without disturbing other passengers on-board," the official said.