Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In the age of the internet, it takes no time for any information or piece of news to go viral. One can find loads of videos and images being shared massively on social media . Internet users don’t give a slip from sharing videos or images that could draw the attention of fellow users. 

Here we bring a video that has recently surfaced on social media. The video shows a boy and girl fighting like rogues.

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As seen in the video, a group of students are seen gathered at a place. A girl in the group suddenly pushes a boy behind and is heard saying, “How dare you touch my hand?”

The boy’s bag falls down and suddenly, he starts attacking the girl. The boy unstoppably punches the girl while other girls try to stop him. Other girls nearby pull the boy back and warn him. 

However, the girl, who was beaten up by the boy, comes closer to the boy and pulls him by his collar. 

Again the duo starts exchanging abusive words and fights again. The boy hit the girl multiple times. However, another boy enters the scene and stops the annoyed boy. 

While he is escorted by the boy, the girl follows him and warns him.


The video shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has been viewed over 72K times. With several users sharing the video, it has gone viral on social media . As claimed, the fight between the boy and girl was on a private University campus. Netizens are split with their opinions.

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