Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Every day we come across different issues and quarrels. Some conditions/situations irk the persons involved in the squabble which subsequently triggers a fight . Social media is the hub of such videos that exhibit the situation as well as the aftermath.

Fights between women and/or girls are quite common. The reason that triggered the fight could be anything. Sometimes the fight turns violent resulting in bloodshed, and fatal in worst cases, while some other fights are quite funny that leave people rolling on the floor with laughter.

Here we bring a video in which two Indian village women are engaged in a fight. But, the fight won’t raise any concern. Rather, it will tickle your funny bones.

In the video, two women are seen engaged in an argument. Suddenly, the woman in a black and white striped saree attacks the other woman in a green saree. Both then continue their fight while arguing.

However, from their actions, it seems more like a reunion than a fight as the duo hugged each other tightly.  

Later, another woman enters to disengage them.

Meanwhile, onlookers didn’t miss the chance to capture the fight on their mobile cameras.

The video shared on Twitter by 'Ghar Ke Kalesh' has by now garnered over 26K views attracting hilarious comments. 

One user wrote, “jhagda kam pyaar jada lag raha ye..” Another wrote, “Black n white saree wali pe Jaws-desi version bann sakta hai 🤣🤣🤣” while the thirs user wrote, "Kalesh kar rahi ya gale mil rahin."