Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

School days are the most memorable days for everyone. From making new friends to developing a crush on someone or even fights , school days have several memories to cherish. While fights among boys are common, witnessing girls fighting is quite rare. 

Here we bring you a video in which two girls turned the school campus into an arena after picking up a fierce fight

As seen in the video, a girl with a brown pullover walks fast while several others are following her eagerly turning on their mobile cameras.

As soon as she approaches another girl with a black pullover, the duo locks horns and starts exchanging blows. However, the girl in the black pullover gets an edge over the other girl and grabs her hair. She aggressively pulls the girl and throws her down. Next, she sits on the girl with the brown pullover and continues blowing punches at her opponent’s face.

On the other hand, the girl was trying to defend the punches, but all in vain. 

Even another girl steps in to disengage the girls but the girl in the black pullover was not in the mood to listen to or leave her opponent and continued her blows violently.

This video shared by Bahar Ke Kalesh on Twitter has garnered over 17K views and has triggered hilarious comments.