Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

College life is one of the most interesting and important phases of life, and people have innumerable memories in their stock. During college days, most of us must have witnessed small as well as big fights over something. Generally, boys pick up fights with their fellow students for any reason. But, it is rare to witness girls fighting fiercely. 

Here we bring a video that shows a college girl taking down three other girls after picking up a fight with them. Later, the fight turned violent but the girl single-handedly managed to wrestle with three girls and defeated them. 

As seen in the video, a group of girls is seen engaged in a heated argument. Meanwhile, one of the girls turns violent and throws her bag, but a boy standing close to her tries to interrupt her. But, the girl walks away from him.

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Next, a girl in a white t-shirt is seen interacting with her but the violent girl blows a punch on her face. Responding immediately, the girl threw some stuff from her cup. Getting annoyed, the violent girl starts hitting the other girl and brings her down to the ground. While the two are engaged in their fight, a third girl enters in between them and joins to take down the attacking girl. However, with her strength, the violent girl took down both of them and keeps on hitting them. 

Later, another girl in black pull-over steps in to disengage the violent girl from the girl in the white t-shirt. But, the violent girl seems to be in no mood to listen to anyone. She immediately holds the girl by her hair and throws her on the ground. While she continues to blow punches, the girl in the white t-shirt comes to rescue her friend. At last, the team of two girls manages to control the violent girl and take her down.

The fight seized after they were interrupted by the authority of the college. 

The video shared on Twitter by Bahar Ke Kalesh has by now garnered over 4.7 million with over hundreds of likes.