Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Everyone has some memories from their school days. And, fights between students have been quite common. While boys have ample reasons to pick up fights with their mates, girls mostly refrain from such ugly fights considering the end results.

Generally, girls pick up fights that are funnier instead of fierce. However, here we bring a video that shows some school girls fighting on a footpath. As it seems from the video, the girls in school uniforms turned the footpath into a fighting arena.

As seen in the video, a girl attacks another, and soon the duo gets engaged in an ugly fight. Meanwhile, another girl pulls the hair of the second girl, and the first girl picks this as a chance and topples her down on the footpath. 

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While the duo is busy hitting each other, boys nearby are heard cheering them. None of them even bothered to interrupt them and stop the fight. Even, several others are seen peeping out of the window of the school bus parked on the road down the footpath. 

Somehow, the girls managed to stand but the trio seems to be in no mood to put an end to the fight. At last, someone intervened and stopped the girls from fighting.

The video originally shared on Twitter by Arhant Shelby has gone viral on social media. Apart from garnering views, the video has triggered hilarious comments.

One user wrote, “waah kya mast entertainment hai pura popcorn khaate hue isko dekh raha hu maja aa gaya,” while another wrote, “South India ka scene lagta hai.”

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