Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Still remember the Lucknow girl slapping a cab driver repeatedly after alleging that the driver hit her with his car? Girls/women assaulting cab drivers are nothing new these days. Several such reports and videos have surfaced in which girls/women blame the cab drivers for some reasons. Though cab drivers are no less unlawful, some innocent persons even suffer in such incidents.

Here we bring a video that recently stormed the internet in which two girls abused a cab driver and thrashed him. However, what happens next will surprise you.

In the video, the two girls are seen standing near a cab and abusing the driver. Suddenly, one of the girls with a brown jacket slapped the cab driver and the other girl with a black jacket kicked him. Next, the driver stepped out of his cab and banged the door.

The girls unstoppably continued to abuse him while one of the girls shouted, ‘How dare you tried to escape with my phone?’ Again she hit the driver who was standing silent.

The driver was surprised as she accused him of stealing her mobile phone. Meanwhile, the girl in the black jacket, who was standing behind him, suddenly snatched his mobile. 

Irked over this, the driver lost his temper and started hitting the girl in the black jacket while abusing them brutally. 

Next, the driver opens the door of his cab and was trying to sit inside, when one of the girls again returned and banged the door on the driver.

The video has received mixed responses from netizens. While some have talked about women's empowerment, some have talked about its misuse.

Click HERE to watch the video.