Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Men or boys may pick up fights instantly without bothering about the location or the consequences. Most of such fights may turn violent with perilous results. However, it is unpredictable to gauge if women or girls will lock horns without caring about the situation, location, or even the consequences. 

Moreover, it can’t be expected that a fight between girls or women will turn violent. 

Here we bring a video that shows a group of girls fighting violently in a public place

As seen in the video, a group of girls is seen engaged in a fight. A girl in a skirt locked horns with two other girls while her friend (as it seems) was trying to disengage the two girls. 

The girl in the skirt blew punches while holding the hair of one girl while the other girl punched her back continuously. 

Meanwhile, friend of the girl in the skirt held another girl’s hair and punched her. 

However, all four girls lost their balance during the fight and fell on the floor. Even then, no one was in the mood to disengage from the brawl. 

While some onlookers as well as the security guard of the mall tried to stop their fight, they didn’t pay heed to their objection. 

This video shared on Twitter by Ghar Ke Kalesh has amassed over 14K views and hundreds of likes. Moreover, the video has invited hilarious comments from users.

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