Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Expressing love and proposing someone for a love relationship may not necessarily be an offence. However, it is important to know the proper way to make the proposal. Such incidents are quite common among college-going students. Both the boy and girl need to have the same feeling towards each other in order to get a successful outcome. If either of the persons doesn’t feel the same, it can take an ugly turn.

Road-Romeos who create trouble for girls or women by outraging their modesty are quite common in India. However, here we bring a video in which a boy had to face the rage of a group of girls after reportedly ‘failing to persuade a college girl with his love proposal’.

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Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter in which a group of college girls is seen beating a boy mercilessly. Several others are also seen on the spot and are helping the girls by preventing the boy from escaping.

At first, a man is seen gripping the boy strongly and hands him over to the annoyed girls. The boy starts crying aloud after being hit by the girls. But, the girls seem to be in no mood to forgive him. 

While the boy tries to move away from them, one of the girls pulled him back by his hair throwing him on the ground. 

Meanwhile, the crowd is also prompting the group of girls to beat him while some others were recording the incident on their mobile cameras. 

The video was shared by Arhant Shelby and as claimed by the user, the boy proposed to a girl which fumed the group of girls. The video has been shared multiple times by several others on the social media platform.

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