Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Marriage is a heavenly ritual that unites two souls. Mostly, Indian weddings are carried out with high excitement and enthusiasm. The lifetime event certainly is thrilling for both the groom and the bride. Throughout the event, several hilarious moments are encountered by many. But, have you ever encountered any Indian bride dedicating a song to her former lover before 'vidai'?

Yes, though it's hard to believe, it's true. Here we bring the video that shows an Indian bride from Uttar Pradesh who laid a condition to her husband just after tying the knot and before riding the 'doli'.

Both bride and groom are seen at a recording studio along with several others. The video was recorded by Bazzle Beat and the person recording the video introduces the newlywed couple to his viewers. 

As described in the video, before setting out to her sasural (in-laws house), the bride asked her husband to record a song at the studio. Without any option of denying her request, the groom agreed to the request. 

When the bride is asked, what type of song she wants to record, the reply was shocking. As the bride says, “I want to record a song for my ex.”

When the person recording the video asked the name of her ex, she refused to disclose his name as this will bring him a bad name. 

Later, the video maker inquired which song she wanted to record for her ex to which she replied, ‘Jeeti Thi Jiske Liye’ which is the female version of ‘Jeeta Tha Jiske Liye’ song from 1994 movie Dilwale, starring Ajay Devgn, Suniel Shetty, and Raveena Tandon. 

Soon the music beats started playing after the bride was handed the microphone. The bride started the first line but broke down emotionally. Her voice seemed to shiver and she started wiping her eyes. 

Meanwhile, the video creator captured the expressions of the groom who looked extremely surprised seeing his wife singing the song for her ex-lover. 

The emotional yet hilarious moment had a major twist after the bride revealed that the boy she wished to marry and loved so much was in love with some other girl. 

While saying this, the bride broke down into tears. Following that, she revealed a shocking reason why she agreed to marry someone else.

As the bride said, she wanted to make her boyfriend feel envious for which she agreed to marry. However, her lover didn't show up at the wedding and she ended up tying the knot ruining her life, claimed the girl.

The girl kept on insisting that she wanted her lover to come back and said that the marriage was a mistake. Meanwhile, the helpless groom expressed concerns about himself saying, "What about me?" Further, he also went on to say that she should have informed him about her love affair before marriage.

Well, the poor groom certainly landed in a grave of trouble for marrying the girl.