Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The relationship between teachers and students is considered to be sacred in India. While teachers are considered to be the powerhouse of knowledge, a strong relationship with them helps the students extort knowledge from them and excel in life. 

On the other hand, this relationship between a teacher and students in western countries is more of friendly in nature. 

Be it sacred or friendly, this relationship sometimes gets bitter over some issues. Here we bring some videos in which students and teachers are seen engaged in scuffles.

As seen in the first video, a student aggressively walks towards his teacher inside the classroom. Though their argument is not audible, the male teacher, irritated over the student’s action, pushes him back. However, the student attacks the teacher fiercely with his hands. Later, the teacher continuously hits the student. Two others step in to stop the teacher but the student takes it as a chance and attacks his teacher again.

In the second video, a male teacher is seen hitting his student. The student also tries to hit the teacher but fails. After being hit multiple times, the student gets aggressive and throws his bag pack and takes position to defend himself. However, the teacher chases him around the classroom and keeps blowing his hands hitting the student.

In the third video, a lady teacher and a student are seen pushing each other in the classroom. The teacher even picks up a bench and tries to hit him. However, the student prevents the attack and continuously starts pushing the teacher. But, the teacher seems to be in no mood to spare her student. She keeps on trying to hit him until some other students stop them.