Cassian Baliarsingh

Normally, flights from India to the US cost a fortune, with the cost mostly starting from Rs 60,000- 80,000 and the highest going to over Rs 1 lakh. However, a netizen has left social media user stunned after finding a flight that costs just Rs 19,000.

Yes, you read that right! The social media user discovered the flight for a mere Rs 19,000 to fly from Washington to Mumbai. The social media user called @phalgun_g, shared his discovery on X (formerly known as Twitter), and it has now gone viral.

He shared a picture of a Washington to Mumbai flight ticket offer, which costs only Rs 19,000. The picture shows several economy-class flight tickets prices at an unbelievably low range by couple of travel companies.

As claimed, FlightNetwork offered the cheapest option, priced at only Rs 18,770 while GotoGate and ClearTrip offered the ticket at Rs 19,332 and Rs 19,815 respectively for the Washington-Mumbai route. The highest price was offered by Goibibo at Rs 20,151.

While a normal flight from Washington to Mumbai costs somewhere between Rs 60,000-70,000, the unbelievable price reduction despite no holiday season has left netizens in shock. Going by the picture, the flights are connecting with a layover in Jeddah.

Sharing the image, Phalgun wrote, “Washington to Mumbai flight for 19k INR how is this possible??? Went until payment page. Includes regular 2 checkin baggage too!”

His tweet has received mixed reviews from other social media users who were shocked to find Phalgun’s claim to be true. “Crazy! Just confirmed myself on 17 April 18k, Saudia Airlines 🫢,” commented a user.

Another user commented, “Perhaps may be because hardly anyone can arrange for a visa within such a short span.” “Oh wow. Even the Air India is 30k... Informing my sis 😅,” commented a third user.