Poonam Singh

Engaging in brain teasers and optical illusions is an enjoyable way to keep your mind and eyes sharp and alert. These activities not only enhance cognitive abilities but also improve observational and focus skills.

 While some puzzles may be time-consuming and complex to solve, the sense of satisfaction upon completion provides motivation to continue to get engaged in such activities.

Today, we have a fun challenge for you that can be solved by the naked eye and and promises to be intriguing. The image was created by Hungarian Illustrator Dudolf.

In the image, you’ll find a group of butterflies with different patterns and the challenge is to find the butterfly which has a ‘UNIQUE PATTERN’ within 30-second time frame.

Pic Credit: Instagram/dudolfPic Credit: Instagram/dudolf

Within the stipulated time frame, you have to find the butterfly with a ‘UNIQUE PATTERN.’

Remember that you have a 30-second time frame, thus work your eyes and brain accordingly. To ace this task you need to simply look from left to right and watch the details thoroughly. Now, do not go and look at the butterfly separately which can take up your time and can lead to a defeat. 

For those who have completed this task, congratulations. However, for those who are yet to find the Butterfly with a ‘UNIQUE PATTERN’, here is a hint for you.

If you have still not found the butterfly, don't worry, we have marked the differences for you below, check it out.

Pic Credit: dudolf.comPic Credit: dudolf.com