Poonam Singh

The latest season of MasterChef Australia has taken a flavorful turn with Sumeet Saigal, a contestant of Indian origin, showcasing her culinary prowess with a classic Indian street food, 'pani puri'. Sumeet's rendition of this beloved dish left the judges impressed and transported them to the vibrant streets of India with each bite.

In a viral promo, Sumeet demonstrates her unique approach to enjoying 'pani puri', breaking the puri and filling it with a delectable combination of potato mixture, mint-coriander chutney, and date-tamarind chutney with mint-coriander infused water. The judges' enthusiastic response, including exclamations of 'wowsie' and a round of applause from fellow contestants, indicates the dish's undeniable appeal.


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Sumeet's flavourful creation is not just about taste but also about texture and experience, adding a personal touch that elevates the dish to new heights.

She shared her experience of presenting the much-loved Indian dish on the show. "To watch the judges enjoy the explosion of flavours is pure JOY! To have them taste it and love it, gosh, I am humbled and over the moon!," wrote Sumeet.

Soon after Sumeet’s post, desi netizens flooded her comments section and praised her for showcasing Indian street food in one of the most loved culinary shows in the world.

One user wrote, “Wish I got to try one! Looked bloody amazing Sumeet.” Another wrote, “Those look absolutely amazing and delicious!” A third user wrote, “My fav street food!! Go Sumeet. So proud of you…. Another wowsie. Can’t wait for the immunity challenge.”

As a mother of 17-year-old twins, Sumeet's decision to leave her job as a sales manager to pursue her culinary dreams on the show is both bold and inspiring. Alongside fellow Indian-origin contestant Darrsh Clarke, Sumeet represents the rich diversity of talent on this season of MasterChef Australia.