Cassian Baliarsingh

Receiving our first salary is the most special feeling in the world. Our happiness knows no bounds after a lot of struggle and hard work, we get paid for it. It is the exciting milestone that marks the beginning of a new phase in our life.

As nice as it sounds, first salary can be tempting to spend on food, clothes or buy gifts for our family members. And this is exactly what many of us do. Either, we take out our parents to an expensive restaurant for dinner or buy them gifts. Many even spend on themselves like going out with friends, shopping etc.

However, we often forget that it is important to think beyond the immediate gratification. But, a lady teacher from Begusarai in Bihar has done the unimaginable with her first salary. Most people plan to indulge themselves with their first salary. However, Sneha Sharma, a BPSC teacher from Begusarai, Bihar, had a different dream.

Instead of a party, Sneha used her very first paycheck to buy something life-changing not for herself, but for underprivileged children. Yes, you read that right! The kind-hearted teacher distributed essential study materials like bags, pens, notebooks, and even water bottles to at least 120 children living in slums.

Instead of spending her first paycheck on parties, she decided to bring joy in the face of kids those who couldn’t afford to buy bags and notebooks for themselves.

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"It is my good fortune that I got the privilege of doing something for these kids. Everyone lives for themselves but I am very happy to distribute some part of my income among the poor children," she told ETV Bharat.

It is because of people like Sneha that humanity is still alive in this generation where people are ready to take advantage.