Soumya Prakash Pradhan

New and unique content goes viral on social media every day, keeping things fresh and exciting for scores of individual.

People in India enjoy the freedom of living in a diverse and vibrant country. Indian netizens contribute to this by creating a lot of viral content known as memes.

These memes often depict several individuals doing daring things and sometimes pushing the boundaries of norms and safety. Videos capturing these moments are shared widely and often become viral sensations on social media.

One such trend is known as 'India Is Not For Beginners.' Here are some examples of videos that illustrate why this title fits:

You might have seen videos of people at Railway stations holding onto the train's exterior because they couldn't find seats inside. This is a common sight in India.

Another video shows a bride and groom sitting in chairs, with an old man inadvertently getting sindoor on her head. It humorously highlights cultural misunderstandings.

There's also a video of a man sitting atop a coconut tree, skillfully cutting it down. The caption jokingly suggests he has a "PhD in Physics" due to his expertise.

In another clip, people are seen rolling their feet on the platform while a train is in motion. Despite the risks involved, some individuals even jump onto moving trains.

Another daring act captured on video is a man jumping from one moving train to another, showcasing incredible agility.

In India, electricians often tackle messy electric wire arrangements on utility poles with impressive skill, proving their expertise.

Indians are also seen playing musical instruments alongside dangerous snakes, demonstrating their fearless attitude.

Another video shows how innovative Indians are with people using makeshift mirrors made from plastic when their car mirrors are broken.

There's a clip of people not wearing helmets and creating a scene when stopped by traffic police, highlighting the chaotic but spirited nature of Indian streets.

Lastly, it is not uncommon to see several people riding on a single bike in India, along with carrying a variety of items, showcasing the resourcefulness of its people.

The trend 'India Is Not For Beginners' reflects the indomitable spirit of Indians, who thrive in unconventional situations.

While these actions may seem bizarre to outsiders, they are everyday occurrences in India, where people are accustomed to diving into challenges headfirst.

Living in India teaches you to adapt and embrace the unexpected, making it an experience like no other.