Poonam Singh

In a bizarre incident inspired by the crime thriller 'Farzi,' featuring Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi, a graphic designer in Mumbai was arrested for reportedly creating and attempting to sell counterfeit garba passes in the city.

According to an Indian Express report, taking inspiration from the series, a graphic designer, Karan Shah, in Mumbai was arrested after he allegedly produced and tried to sell 1,000 counterfeit garba passes in the city in an attempt to earn Rs 30 lakh.

The accused admitted during interrogation that he took cues from the series, aiming to earn quick money by producing and selling fake passes.

The police acted swiftly, arresting four individuals, including the graphic designer, and recovering a substantial cache of counterfeit passes, hologram stickers, computers, and a printer. 

The scam involved selling these deceptive passes at a price of Rs 3,000 each to over 1,000 unsuspecting individuals who intended to attend the garba event in Borivali, Mumbai, scheduled from October 15 to 24.

While four members of the gang are now in police custody, two others remain at large. Police have initiated a search to apprehend the remaining culprits.