Cassian Baliarsingh

Dubbed as the world’s oldest, archeologists have reportedly recovered a bread that dates back to 6,600 BC. The uncooked bread, left by a baker in Turkey, was found near an oven structure in the ‘Mekan 66’ area.

As per reports, a baker mixed flour and water to make bread dough, but left it without baking 8,600 years ago. The bread left uncooked by the baker in the oven in Turkey has been recovered and has now been dubbed as the world’s oldest by archaeologists.

The bread was recovered by archaeologists at the Catalhoyuk archaeological site in the Konya province of southern Turkey. Apart from the wheat, the archaeological team has also recovered wheat, barley, pea seeds and other things at the site, which are presumed to be the food in those days.

“We can say that this find at the Catalhoyuk is the oldest bread in the world,” said archaeologist Ali Umut Turkcan, head of the Excavation Delegation and an associate professor at Anadolu University in Turkey, told Turkish state news outlet Anadolu Agency, a report in Hindustan Times reported.

“It is a smaller version of a loaf of bread. It has a finger pressed in the centre; it has not been baked, but it has been fermented and has survived to the present day with the starches inside. There is no similar example of something like this to date,” he added.