Cassian Baliarsingh

Imagine you are enjoying your Goa trip and your iPhone gets stolen! Well, this unfortunate incident actually happened to a tourist from New Delhi during his Goa visit.

To notch it up all, his ‘stolen’ iPhone worth lakhs of rupees was traded for a plate of Pav Bhaji. A drunk man who had allegedly stolen the iPhone traded it for a plate of Pav Bhaji. Yes, you read that right! The Rs 1.5 lakh iPhone exchanged for a mere Rs 100 plate Pav Bhaji.

Sharing his unusual story on X, Kartikeya Rai revealed, “A drunk dude pickpocketed my iPhone in Goa (I was equally drunk). The drunk dude then got very hungry and went to eat Bhaji Pao in a small shop but he had no money to pay for it so he took out the red iPhone and tried to trade that for the Bhaji pao.”

The eatery owner then accepted the unusual payment, charged the iPhone and kept it with him. Later, when the rightful owner called the phone after 36 hours, the kind-hearted eatery owner happily received the call and informed about the ‘stolen phone’.

Shockingly, the phone had traveled 60 kilometers away from the scene of the crime. About getting the address from the eatery owner, the iPhone owner rushed to the area and got it back. 

While many found the story hilarious and could not stop bursting from laughter, social media had a field day with this unusual tale.

“Oh the Pao bhaji must’ve been that good,” hilariously wrote a user. Another user wrote, “Now, that’s a story for the grandchildren.” “How not to meet your best friend,” commented a third user.