Cassian Baliarsingh

A Bengaluru woman is gaining significant attention on social media for her inspiring career journey. Fed up with no promotion, the woman decided to do something that has now left everyone to laud her. 

Due to lack of a degree from a well-known University, she was left neglected with no promotion and good pay.

So, she decided to quit her job, get her degree and then join the same company with 2.5X her previous salary. After completing her degree, she returned back to her former company and reclaimed her position with more salary than what she was previously drawing. 

Well, isn’t that whistle-worthy? Yes, her story highlights the determination and the pursuit of professional growth against perceived educational barriers. Her story went viral after an X user shared it on the global platform, formerly known as Twitter.

“I went on a date with someone who quit her job because, 'people were not taking her seriously', 'she was not getting promoted' only because she didn't have an Ivy League degree. She quit, got that Ivy degree, & joined THE SAME startup at 2.5x her previous pay. 🤺 ,” the X user shared.

Since then, the post has gone crazy viral with 200.8K views and thousands of likes, retweets and comments.

“Good on her! Idk why twitter finds it so hard to believe that credentialism is a thing. It is THE thing to be maxxing in your 20s,” commented a user.
Another user wrote, “Something that's intriguing me is to ask if she was being taken seriously now after the degree? As even though she had the degree, the people who didn't find any value in her work were still the same.”

“Good on her but really hoping there are other ways for women to be taken seriously at work than getting an Ivy League degree 🤷🏻♀️,” commented another user.

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