Cassian Baliarsingh

Punctuality is very crucial at every workplace, especially to enhance productivity. However, a Mumbai-based company recently went to ahead with the rule and started to impose a fine of Rs 200 on those who came late to office.

The company Evor Beauty brand, founded by Kaushal Shah, implemented the new rule that required employees to arrive at the office by 9:30 in the morning. Anyone coming late than 9:30 AM would face a fine of Rs 200.

However, the rule backfired after Kaushal himself had to cough up Rs 1000 for repeatedly coming late to the office. Taking to his X handle, the young founder shared the outcome of his plan, sparking debate among social media users.

“Last week, to increase the productivity in office, I made a strict rule for everyone to be in the office by 9:30 am (earlier we used to come by 10-11) and if we‘re late, we pay Rs.200 as penalty. This is me paying it for the 5th time🫠,” he shared.

His post got him bashed by a few social media users online while others heaped praises on him for his honesty.

“Kushal, is the amount 200 rs same across all salary groups? I mean a 15k earning employee and a 2 lakh earning employee sees 200 rs differently, hope you have this basic idea,” a user commented.

Another user shared, “Hypothesis: If you can motivate yourself only by sticks or carrots, you likely need to zoom out to spot the real issue because it's easy to be desensitised to greed or fear.”

However, Kushal later clarified and said, “It seems my intention behind this post was misunderstood. I shared that tweet to emphasize an important principle for founders and leaders: If you establish a rule for your employees, you must be the first to follow it.”

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