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Dating is a critical component of building a strong and lasting bond in a romantic relationship. Dating provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about each other’s interests, values, and personalities. This mutual understanding forms the foundation of a strong relationship. It also helps in building trust, enhancing communication, and maintaining intimacy, Dating is not just about having fun; it is a vital process that helps couples connect, understand each other better, and build a strong, lasting bond. 

A blind date is a type of social engagement where two individuals who have never met are set up to meet and potentially form a romantic connection. Often arranged by mutual friends, family members, or through matchmaking services, blind dates come with unique dynamics and expectations. Of course, dating can sometimes be expensive as you may not have control over the expenses you make. However, what if you have to pay for dating a girl/boy?

However, recently, a WhatsApp chat has surfaced on the internet in which a boy invites a girl on a coffee date. Though the girl accepts the invitation, she also demands the boy to transfer Rs 10, 000 as she couldn't afford the expenses. The WhatsApp chat also includes the list of probable expenses that the girl demanded from the boy.

Here's the Conversation:

Girl: Hi

Boy: Let's catch up for coffee

Girl: Sure

Boy: What time?

Girl: Evening @7!
Send me money first to get ready for this coffee date.
My favourite dress
Total is 10K

After sending the list of shopping and the total amount, further, she forwarded the UPI ID to the boy.

Furthermore, she wrote, "Free dates aren't exciting these days and being expensive for me."

WhatsApp Chat HistoryWhatsApp Chat History

Well, Another Conversation Shows the Girl Asking for Monetary Help..

Girl: Just running out of money can you help with 5-6K till I get my next salary? Being a ...

Girl: Over spent today in Mall of India

Boy: Oh, what did you spend on?

Girl: Shoes and shirts

Boy: Haha knowing its out of your budget, that's some swag

Girl: Arey my card couldn't be used tohg debited directly

Girl: Do me this little favour

Boy: So you're at zero balance?

Girl: 800

Boy: And why do you need money now

Girl: To travel for next 12 days to office

While the authenticity of the viral WhatsApp chat history couldn't be verified, it has triggered a hilarious discussion online.

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