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What could be more embarrassing than claiming back the expenses from an ex-partner after a breakup! During a relationship, couples make various expenses incurred by both. Even though the expenses may not be equal between the duo, it doesn't really matter who bears the expenses. But, after things turn sour in the relationship, it is beyond expectations how would a person react. Recently, a similar incident surfaced on social media that has left netizens amazed. As claimed in the post, a girl received bills from her ex-boyfriend, who is a Chartered Accountant (CA), claiming back the money he spent on her.

It is as surprising as it sounds. Recently, a social media post surfaced in which a girl, reportedly, claimed that her roommate once dated a CA and he sent an Excel Sheet of all the expenses done by him during their relationship. 

As per the post, everything was fine but she hated how the guy handled the expenses between them. "Bill toh split karwata hi tha, gifts bhi saala COD pe bhejta tha usko," the post read.

Further, the post read: "So when they brokeup, he sent an excel sheet with all the expenses he did including her b'day gifts with 18% tax???.. Ladke ne aadhi indie mint ke bhi paiso ka hisaab laga takha tha." 

Social Media postSocial Media post

Furthermore, the girl requested Amazon MiniTV to stop glorifying CAs.

She wrote Pls Amazon MiniTV stops glorifying these CA ke 14s as green flags. Kaha apke Jamnapaar show ka CA itna good looking hoke bhi caring hai aur kaha ye jo caring ke naa, pe saal mein baas ekbar mere dost ki ITR file karwata tha.

As per the claims, the relationship period of her friend and the CA was for 7 months and the total expenses made was Rs 102772 of which the girl shared Rs 51386. The youth has demanded the remaining dues with 18% GST added.

Total ExpensesTotal Expenses

Further, he has also specified if the girl wants to add or remove any specific item from the list, she should feel free to contact him. The CA also has an option to make the payment in EMIs with 4% interest applicable every month.

The CA has maintained the records of the expenses made every month perfectly. The expenses include auto rides, flowers, haircuts, food orders, movie dates, Valentine's week gifts and dates, fees for ITR filing, Indie Mint (cigarette), etc. 

Total Expenses in detailTotal Expenses in detail

While the claims in the post couldn't be verified, it has gone viral on social media. Well, the post has received mixed responses from netizens. However, most of the netizens have lashed out at the 'CA boyfriend' and trolled him for being such 'cheap'.

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